Bitcoin: The biggest cryptocurrency has recorded a decline to 4-figure values

15Its value has dropped under the level of 10,000 USD
into 4-figure numbers. On Sunday, Bitcoin has reached 9,909 USD. This meant
roughly 13 percent decline.

Price decline has brought many reactions. Lots of traders did not hesitate and
used lower prices for portfolio expansion. Bitcoin did not really remain long
under 10,000 level and on Monday afternoon it has been traded at the level over
10,300 USD.

Cryptocurrency market has been shaken. A natural market reaction is moving
assets from so-called altcoins (other cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin) to Bitcoin
itself, that is perceived as an asset with lowest risk in cryptocurrency market.
Bitcoin domination has thus risen to 65.7 %, which means that Bitcoin now
represents almost 2/3 of cryptocurrency market. Market cap of the market is
now valued at 281 billion USD.


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