Gold prices rising again after a short slump

After reaching an all-time high value of 1551 dollars per ounce at the beginning of September, gold lost 66 dollars in less than a week., falling to 1485 dollars per ounce on 10th September.

Until few days ago, prices were fluctuating around that value. Since 19thSeptember, prices have slowly but steadily started to rise again.Gold has been rising rapidly (with a few short slumps like the current one) since late May 2019 when gold was valued under 1300 dollars per ounce.

This is a reflection of many factors. At the moment many things that are happening are making the markets nervous. At the top are probably the possibility of trade war between USA and China (or even China and EU or EU and USA), the disruptions of oil supply and the plausibility of military conflict in the Persian Gulf.

On a more general level, there are multiple signs that a recession is coming. In fact, the rising prices of gold are one of them. Economies in the developed world are slowing down, some, for example Germany’s may already be in recession.


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