Why bitcoin’s next “halving“ may not pump its price

Last bitcoin division happened in July 2016.

Therefore, the halving taking place every 4 years is coming near. Speculators hope to make a profit.

The next division of bitcoin (or “halving”) should happen in half a year. We can expect that the cryptocurrency market will be under pressure in May due to investors eager to earn some money. So far, the halving lead to increase in its market price.

Yet, some bitcoin expects claim it may not be the case for now. Tuur Demeester, founder and partner of an American company Adamant Capital counted that the bitcoin investment volume would have to reach almost $3 billion dollar in upcoming months. Moreover, this would only guarantee that the bitcoin price won’t fall to $8,000 dollar. Such a value would definitely not be certain.

Bitcoin halving is a kind of prevention from bitcoin inflation and depreciation of the currency. The value of cryptocurrency mining rig is worth a reward which decreases to half in every four years. The value is currently 12,5 and therefore next year it should only be only 6,25 bitcoin. Until now the bitcoin price between halving increased approximately 10 times. Yet, currently the bitcoin is testing the border of $8,000 dollar, even though it should stay over $10,000 dollar according to the established scenario.


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