China returns to production, Asian shares rise

Around 80% of production capacities in China’s state-owned enterprises returned to production after forced prolonged time off due to coronavirus

In reaction, China’s stock markets began to grow.

Yet, China’s stock markets didn’t handle its initial growth and ended up in a slight decline on Wednesday, when they wrote off profits gained the same morning. Shanghai Stock exchange ended in 3% lower and Shenzhen Stock Exchange lost 6%.

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index grew in 0,5%, even though Hong Kong announced second coronavirus victim, which is 6th casualty outside of mainland China. Tokyo shares grew and local Nikkei index rose in 0,9%. Growth on Stock Exchange in Tokyo was influenced by January trade balance. Japan export dropped less than expected.

Moreover, stock markets in Soul, Singapore, Manilla and Jakarta rose, only Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange declined. Progress will further be influenced by news about actual coronavirus epidemic. However, we may expect that economic new will outbalanced.


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