Analysts believe that the economic recovery will be U-shaped

Even though many countries have only started with release of anti-coronavirus measures, economists already discuss speed of economic recovery.

Reuters asked 45 experts from the U.S. and Europe on what shape the economic recovery should have, once coronavirus pandemic and lockdown measures are finally over.

Almost half of respondents believe that the economic recovery will be U-shaped. This means that once the economic crisis reaches its bottom, it will stay there for a while until we eventually experience economic growth.

Ten economists answered it would be “V” shaped, meaning that a rapid upturn would happen immediately. Seven expect the economy to resemble a tick mark and five of them predicted “W” shaped recovery, consisting of two recessions and two recoveries. Nevertheless, economists admit that any predictions are too unreliable and dependent on many factors. And even effects of these factors can’t be very much foreseen for now.



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