India will introduce import duties on solar panels

India, coal supplies

Tariffs on imports of solar panels are to be introduced by April next year. With reference to a government document and information from the solar cell manufacturing sector, Reuters reported. The aim is to support domestic producers of these components for the production of renewable electricity.

The level of import duties should vary according to the type of product. While the tariff for the whole modules should be 40 percent, for the import of individual articles only 25 percent. India promises to support domestic solar panel manufacturers from the measures. The second most populous country in the world plans to significantly increase the installed capacity of renewable sources for electricity generation.

It currently reaches about 93 gigawatts. By the end of 2022, it should increase to 175 and by 2030 even to 450 gigawatts. In the case of photovoltaic power plants themselves, the installed capacity is to increase from the current 39 to 280 gigawatts at the turn of 2030 and 2031.

Today, India imports most photovoltaic cells and entire modules from China. At present, however, India does not impose any import duties on this type of goods, it only burdens them with a tariff intended to protect domestic industry. 


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