U.S. stocks are at a record high. Optimism reigns in markets


Stocks on the New York Stock Exchange kicked off the new trading week in the same vein as they closed the previous one. Two of the three flagship indexes have soared to historic highs, the Nasdaq is within reach of its record.

The oldest stock exchange index, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, headed upward on Monday after the stock floor opened, following on Friday’s trading. He ascended to a new historic high of 35,737.82 points. The New York Stock Exchange’s main S&P 500 index also set a new record, at 4,555.76 points. Although the technology Nasdaq is lagging behind its historic high, it is short of just under 270 points and 1.7 percent respectively.

U.S. stocks have been rising for days, with the Dow Jones even three weeks in a row. Behind the growth is the optimism that has prevailed in the market, thanks in particular to expectations of positive results from big tech companies. Indeed, the results season has begun in the United States, with companies phasing out their financial data for the third quarter this year.

Investors on Monday also reacted positively to the news that PayPal is no longer interested in buying the Pinterest app.


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