Bitcoin continues its spirited ride. He briefly got over $ 40,000 on Thursday

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The breaking of historical record levels of Bitcoin does not stop even in the new year. It’s only been a few days since this most common cryptocurrency first reached over $ 30,000 and another target has been overcome. To some extent, the rampage of protesters in the US Congress building also contributed to this.

Bitcoin exceeded $ 36,000 for the first time in history on Thursday night in Central European Time. He reacted immediately to the riots that erupted in Washington when protesters from supporters of incumbent President Donald Trump entered the Capitol building and ravaged it from inside.

But Bitcoin’s strengthening continued during Thursday. Even before four in the morning, it reached over 37,000 and shortly after noon even over 38,000 dollars. But the peak came after 7 pm Central European Time, when it broke the $ 40,000 mark. However, only for a short time, for the rest of Thursday, he tested the resistance of the $ 38,000 goal.

According to analysts, Bitcoin’s factors are similar to those in the autumn, when its upward journey began: a relaxed central bank policy and a greater willingness of investors to look for assets in the market that carry higher returns at acceptable risk. However, it must be emphasized that cryptocurrencies are still a very risky investment and their purchase needs to be carefully considered.


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