UN Chief disouraged from coal usage in order to fight against climate changes

The Secretary General of the UN Antonio Guterres has challenged countries to quit financing coal mining projects, and to quit building new coal plants. He believes that member countries of the UN should focus on natural electricity resourses. 

Guterres mentioned it during online energetic summit, where there were representatives of 40 countries responsible for 80% of global energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Participants discussed how to use the current coronavirus crisis as a transformation to greener economy. 

“There’s no space for coal in plans on economic recovery after the coronavirus pandemic,“ the Secretary General of the UN said. Other participants agreed that investing into green economy is an important part of economic stimulus. It would be killing two birds with one stone – new technologies could come up and economy would be supported. 

Guterres welcomed that the European Union and Southern Korea have prepared their plans similarily. Yet, he believes that it’s not enough, especially when other countries accepted measures supporting fossil fuels usage. Though he did not name the countries, it was obvious that he meant China and the US. Nevertheless, China had declared its willingness to build solar, water or wind electric plants so that greenhouse gas emmisions would drop. 


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