Ozios broker review (2022)

ozios front

Ozios is a trading name of APME FX Trading Europe Ltd which operates several sites including www.apmefx.com, www.ozios.com and www.fxeurope.com. They are also authorised by the FCA to offer certain products or services and an accredited broker of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). You can trade shares, commodities, they offer social trading and they only accept clients from countries that are members of the European Economic Area (EEA). They offer a demo account and a live account.

ozios front

What can be traded and their instruments

Ozios offers its clients physical stocks from renowned global companies such as Apple, Bank of America, eBay, or Google. These are known for high liquidity and enough up-to-date news and reports, which is always good to have.By purchasing shares, you become a shareholder.

ozios leverage

CFD trading is one of the most popular ways of online trading worldwide, so they also offer CFD trading as one of their instruments. Here you can use the leverage effect.

ozios region

Also CFD forex, and thanks to CFDs, you do not have to physically own the currencies, but you speculate on an increase or decrease in their price.

ozios instrument

CFD Indices contain a selection of specific major companies, which means that you buy or sell a relatively large part of the market. At Ozios, they offer trading of the largest and most well-known European, American or Asian indices.

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And of course CFD commodities. You can choose from precious metals, oil or agricultural commodities. The most traded commodities include gold, silver, oil, wheat, corn or sugar.

All instruments are nicely explained on their website.

ozios instruments

Ozios regulation

OZIOS) is a registered trademark of APME FX TRADING EUROPE LIMITED, which is regulated and controlled by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Demo account

I found nothing about a demo account on their website. Luckily once you click on “Registration” you can sign up for a demo account, live account or do social trading.. You just need to fill in a short form online. I`m going for the demo account, because that shows me alot and teaches me alot, before I go live. Demo account is limited to 30 days, after the end you have the option to switch to Live account.

ozios registration

ozios demo

Ozios fees

Under the tab “Trading conditions” you can find one mentioned fee and that is the maintenance fee.

The company charges a fee of value up to €30 (or equivalent amount depending of the currency of the account) when the trading account is inactive for a period of 6 months.

I found no other information about fees.

Registration process

So you`re on the main webpage. In the top right corner, click the “Register” button.

Fill in the table and enter personal data in the fields: name, surname, telephone number and e-mail address. The form was filled in a minute. Check the “Data protection” box and then “send”. I got a welcome email immediately and a verification link in it.

Ozios e-mail

The verification took a few seconds and I was in MyOzios. The main page was a form to sign up for a live account, by this time I received another email with login details.

ozios accounts

Here I have chosen I want a demo account, I added the platform.

ozios account

Now, I have a demo account and a virtual 100 000 USD to play around with. I had the option to download a platform or start trading on the WebTrader. I went for the WebTrader, as I have a MacBook and downloading apps on it is a problem.

ozios MT

ozios webtrader

Don’t forget to click the demo account here, type in your name and surname. Once that is done, you`re up and going.

ozios graf 1

ozios graf 2

WebTrader is a good piece of software from my point of view. It comes with just the right amount of tools and it offers multiple assets plotted over the charts. It allows multiple time frame analysis, supports candlesticks, bar and line charts, it also delivers a modest amount of trading indicators. Straightforward even though the design is old school.

Trading platforms

The platforms they offer is MetaTrader 5. The MT5 base platform provides candlestick, line and bar charts with time frames, you can have multiple time charts linked by symbol to get the full panoramic view of the price action and you can find indicators through the Navigator window which categorizes by trend. The platform is quite clear, it has a well-designed and at the same time simple interface, so you can learn it in a few days plus, if you use the demo,it`s quick to learn. In the middle there is a window with a graph, on the left is the administration menu, on the right is a list of all assets. You can download the program from the company’s website and then install it:

  • on your computer
  • on your laptop
  • on a smartphone
  • on iPhone or iPad

ozios graf3

Ozios website

The website is very simple and straightforward. The colors they use are blue, light blue and green. On the front page they show off their best:

  • their academy
  • trading strategies
  • MT5 platform
  • why Ozios points

Their contact adress and telephone number is in their footer as well as the main menu.

In the top pane, they have a drop down menu, where you can choose from Trading, Instruments, Partners, News, Gallery and FAQ.

conditions, regulations and other important ifnormation is in the first tab “ Trading”. In the “News” tab there is current news as far as I can see a month old.

ozios website

There are initeresting videos under the tab “Gallery”. Not educational, but interesting. What I found confusing, was that the academy isn`t in the menu, I had to go back to the main page and scroll down, to have a look.

ozios academy

As you can see, they offer seminars and webinars.  But my happiness about more education was cooled of as both pages are not functional.

ozios webinarsozios seminars

Trading Strategies:

Pin bar, Moving average, turnover strategy, RSI oscillator. You choose the strategy you want, click on it and they explain the strategy in detail.

In the top pane of the website, you can choose from:

  • Trading
  • Instruments
  • Partners
  • News
  • FAQ
  • Contact us

Social networks

If you scroll all the way down on the site, you’ll find links to social networks.

Instagram, Facebook and Linked In .

The social networks are active and graphically match the website.

ozios cookies

They have a contact number, address, enail address and a contact form.

ozios contact

Advantages and disadvantages of Ozios

They are regulated with a top MT5 platform, their website is nice and simple, cool colors. The idea of an Ozios Academy is great and they offer news. They offer a demo account, which has a virtual $100 000 to play around with and is fully functional. I found missing economic calendar, chat, webinars, seminars and a live chat. I found no information about fees and deposits, no reviews on the internet, although registration was fast and without a problem.


  • MetaTrader 5 platform
  • Demo account
  • Virtual money in the demo account
  • Regulated


  • Empty webinars and seminars
  • Missing information about fees and deposits
  • No educational support

Rating: 5 stars


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