Bitcoin community funds Italian Red Cross to fight coronavirus

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A medical camp for COVID-19 pre-triage was set up nearby Rome

The camp was funded by financial means received by bitcoin community.

Money for the Advanced Medical Post (AMP) camp was raised in fundraising campaign by Italian Red Cross, and mostly bitcoin users donated. Bitcoin in the overall value of more than $31,000 was raised through collection on a transparent account, and the target amount was surpassed in almost 30%.

The fundraising campaign for AMP camp, located in Colli Albani southeast from Rome, started on 13th March. “We are very happy to have turned the received money into a real help. We are also excited to have received so much help from the bitcoin community,” Bruno Pietrosanti, president of the local Red Cross branch said.

AMP is mobile medical center used to assess and select patients who may be in need of medical assistance. These medical centers help medical professionals in Italy to combat COVID-19 by acting as a point of contact for those potentially infected by coronavirus. Patients are tested and advised on how to act to minimize risks of transmitting the disease.



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