Unrest in Washington has swerved the dollar, gold and Bitcoin

Wednesday's violent unrest during a US Congress meeting to confirm the results of the presidential election also affected the economy. The dollar erased all previous...

Dollar suffers biggest annual drop since 2017

By 2020, the dollar had lost 6.77 percent of its value, down 12.65 percent from its March high.

Trump’s ‘America First’ policy has hurt the US economy, experts say

Over the past four years, the vast majority of economic policy issues have focused on American economic nationalism. The "where we build barriers" strategy was Donald Trump's economic philosophy.
Green energy

Canada unveils hydrogen strategy for clean industry

The Canadian government has shown how it wants to green its industry and start using hydrogen more abundantly. At the same time, the Cabinet...

China and Australia get into dispute over coal for Chinese power plants

According to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, China's shift away from quality coal will translate into a deterioration in trade relations between the two countries.

The United States has imposed sanctions on Turkey over the purchase of Russian weapons

Relations between key NATO allies have reached a freezing point. The United States has imposed long-awaited sanctions on Turkey. The reason is the purchase of Russian...

Biden’s plans to ‘green’ economy drive metal prices upward

US President-elect Joe Biden is set to spend up to two trillion dollars from public budgets to promote environmentally friendly technologies. The catch is that...

European Commission gives green light to German exit from coal

Germany will be able to implement its plan for a total shift away from coal-fired power plants. The first should be to get rid of...

Norwegian mining companies plan to increase investment next year

Norwegian oil and gas companies expect a good 2021. They plan to increase their investment in new mining projects compared to the original plan....

Asian countries have created the world’s largest trading bloc. USA excluded

Fifteen Asia-Pacific countries signed an agreement on Sunday morning central European time to create the world's largest free-trade bloc. The United States, which withdrew from...