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US-China service sector has come to life, oil has healed because of it

The price of brent crude oil rose about one percent on Tuesday, moving closer to the $63 per barrel mark.

Dollar has had its best quarter in three years

The US dollar reflected positive news coming from the US economy in the last quarter. It strengthened against most world currencies between January and the...
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We will launch the digital euro within four years, said European Central Bank president

Top banking institutions must have confidence that the digital euro project will be built properly, according to European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde. His approval...
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Suez Canal is free, oil responds with downturn

A huge boulder from the heart fell to all who watched several days' drama set in the Suez Canal. The 400-metre-long container ship, which had been blocking the canal for several days, sailed again and a key artery of sea traffic managed to dislodge.

It took Tesla 4x less years to reap a higher market cap than Samsung

Data calculated and analyzed by Finbold indicates that it took electronic vehicle manufacturer Tesla at least four times less years to amass a higher market capitalization...
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OPEC+ will not increase production, says UAE Energy Minister

The price of oil fell six percent on Tuesday. This, too, seems to be why the OPEC+ countries will now not seek to increase production. The Energy Minister of the United Arab Emirates also hinted at this.
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China will be a priority for Saudi Aramco. Miners want to secure China’s oil...

Saudi Aramco is already the most important supplier of oil to China. Last year, a Saudi-led mite in supplies to China even outsmal Russia.
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The price of oil has fallen sharply. Concerns about the onset of another wave...

Oil becomes cheaper for five days in a row. Until Thursday, however, it was only a gradual decline in the price of a barrel of...
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Fed Chief Powell: We will keep rates close to zero in 2023

The US Federal Reserve will continue its loose monetary policy. Fed Governor Jerome Powell announced this on Wednesday after a meeting of the US Federal Reserve System's Open Market Operations Committee.
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Investments in clean energy need to be massively increased to avert a climate catastrophe

Investment in clean energy must increase by at least 30 percent by the middle of the century, otherwise, there is a risk of irreversible climate change. This was stated in its latest study by the International Renewable Energy Agency.