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A giant sell-off in cryptocurrency markets. Bitcoin falls below $50,000

The last Tuesday of February this year will go down in history with one of the biggest declines in cryptocurrency markets in history. Bitcoin has plummeted below $50,000, while other major cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ripple and Stellar have not been spared.
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Bitcoin’s growth leads to 20x higher transaction fees as mining power grows by 38%

Data presented by cryptocurrency trading simulator Crypto Parrot indicates that Bitcoin's fees per transaction has grown at least 20 fold. The growth was recorded between February...

Bitcoin broke another historical record. Helped by Elon Musk

Those who got up on Monday and put money into Bitcoin could have valued their investment by nearly 16 percent in a matter of...

The U.S. Fed is offering jobs. Looking for someone to keep an eye on...

Federal Reserve is looking for candidates who could evaluate the impact of digitization on financial services and prepare a regulatory and supervisory scheme for cryptocurrency platforms, for example.
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Bitcoin under pressure of sell-offs peeked under $30k

Bad weather appears to have arrived on the Bitcoin market. While at the start of the new year it still seemed that nothing could stop...
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Cryptocurrencies are not ideal tender, thinks Bank of England governor

The Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, believes that cryptocurrencies, as originally designed, are not an ideal form of digital currency. According to...
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Bitcoin must be regulated, the president of the European Central Bank thinks

Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank, made a relatively strong statement to Bitcoin. According to her, the most widespread cryptocurrency has been used...

Morgan Stanley increases stake in Bitcoin investor

US investment bank Morgan Stanley has bought nearly 650,000 shares in MicroStrategy, which holds more than $ 2 billion in Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin has...
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Bitcoin continues its spirited ride. He briefly got over $ 40,000 on Thursday

The breaking of historical record levels of Bitcoin does not stop even in the new year. It's only been a few days since this most...
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Unrest in Washington has swerved the dollar, gold and Bitcoin

Wednesday's violent unrest during a US Congress meeting to confirm the results of the presidential election also affected the economy. The dollar erased all previous...