Bitcoin has taken a breath to growth. On Wednesday, he surpassed the $21 thousand mark

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When Bitcoin broke $20k for the first time in history on Wednesday afternoon Central European time, it seemed the new record wouldn’t just fall. But by midnight on the same day, the oldest cryptocurrency in peace missed another milestone and rebounded to massive growth.

Bitcoin may have definitively surpassed the $20k psychological threshold for a time, having tested its resilience for the past few days. During Wednesday alone, Bitcoin’s value rose by nearly ten percent and went beyond the new metes. In doing so until three months ago, the oldest and most popular cryptocurrency was trading at about half levels.

Current events are thus reminiscent of the 2017 developments when Bitcoin doubled its value every few weeks or months. According to experts, however, the current situation in the whole world is different. Bitcoin is now accepted by far more entities and has a much wider use. So it is said to be fairly real that $20k or 21k is not the last milestone Bitcoin has surpassed. Thus, earlier predictions that divined the price of Bitcoin by the order of magnitude in hundreds of thousands of dollars over just a few years begin to come to life.


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