Bitcoin set a new price record. He stopped just below $ 20,000

After last week, when Bitcoin significantly corrected the previous growth, a rally arrived, which set the oldest cryptocurrency to a new price record. According to experts, the limit of $ 20,000 will soon fall. There was very little missing from Bitcoin on Monday.

The new historical price record is worth $ 19,850.11. Bitcoin upgraded the three-year-old by less than $ 200. And according to analysts, this may not be by far the last shift in the historic border that will take place in the Bitcoin market this year. Although only a month is missing by the end of the year. What is crucial is the persistent bullish mood, which can soon bring the oldest digital currency to twenty thousand dollars ago.

Bitcoin traded around $ 16,700 during the early weekend and recovered very slowly from previous sales on Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, the strengthening came by almost seven percent, later the price was slightly corrected.

Experts are optimistic about the future. According to them, the Bitcoin market has undergone a fundamental transformation, with institutional investors and other major financial players increasingly buying it. The announcement of the PayPal payment platform by the fact that it will enable payment for goods and services in this virtual currency has certainly also contributed to Bitcoin. This could just be the engine of further price growth for Bitcoin.


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