Airbnb is heading to the stock market. Company’s IPO value could reach nearly $35 billion


The global accommodation brokerage platform is about to enter the stock market. Analysts expect its value at the IPO to climb to $34.8 billion. However, not all of the company’s shares will be traded.

For Airbnb, entering the stock market could represent a symbolic repudiation of convalescence after a blow to the company caused by a pandemic of the coronavirus. While in the spring the platform saw a rapid decrease in the number of mediated accommodation, after the release of anti-epidemic measures, people began to return, and even began to give greater preference to this type of accommodation over hotels or guesthouses.

The primary public offering is scheduled for December 10. Nearly 52 million shares of the company will be listed on the stock exchange, and their target price should be between $44 and $50 apiece. That would mean revenue in the range of $2.6 billion to $2.85 billion. Airbnb’s total value could be closer to $35 billion. That would be about $4 billion more than in 2017, when the company last increased its capital through fundraising.


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