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Nervousness is growing in the markets of Southeast Asia. Hong Kong and Seoul grew,...

The meeting of the US Federal Reserve affects stock markets not only in the US or Europe, but also in the region of Southeast Asia. While the Seoul Stock Exchange soared on a wave of optimistic expectations, Tokyo and Shanghai headed into negative territory.
southeast asia, stocks, stock market, china, Hong Kong

Stocks in China and Hong Kong are at their weakest since December. Fears of...

A wave of sell-offs hit stocks on stock exchanges in China and Hong Kong. Investors are worried about tightening government regulations in major economic sectors.
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U.S. stocks are at a record high. Dow Jones surpassed 35k points for first...

The past week has been a record run for the New York Stock Exchange. All three major indexes rose, and the Dow Jones index closed the trading day above the 35k point mark for the first time in history.
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Asian stock markets started the new trading week embarrassed. Of the main markets, only...

Stock exchanges in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul have started a new trading week with a decline. In contrast, Shanghai grew thanks to pharmaceutical titles...
southeast asia, stocks, stock market, china, Hong Kong

Asian stocks fell. Fearing US inflation and China’s slowdown

The movement of major Asian stock exchanges rarely occurs in the same direction. In the middle of the week, however, stocks in China, Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo weakened. Although the reasons for the bad mood of investors were different.
southeast asia, stocks, stock market, china, Hong Kong

China leading in the region. Other major Asian markets fell in midweek

Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul both faced midweek sales talc. The only major stock market to go upward in the region was Shanghai. And that's largely thanks to automakers and the pharmaceutical sector.

Stocks in Asia went in all directions in the middle of the week. China...

Wednesday's trading on the main Asian stock markets was in a very contradictory spirit. While the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges rose solidly, the Seoul market firmed only slightly, and Tokyo weakened.
southeast asia, stocks, stock market, china, Hong Kong

Asian stocks strengthen earlier this week, Seoul closes at all-time high

At the start of the new trading week, optimism was showing in Asia, stemming from expectations of an impending US central bank monetary policy...
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European stocks are holding at record levels. Airlines help

European stocks ended the trading session on the eve of the European Central Bank's leadership meeting with moderate growth. Investors expect the ECB to decide...

Wall Street loses in response to G7 agreement to introduce global corporate tax

Stocks on the New York Stock Exchange weakened early in the new trading week. Investors were startled by the powers' agreement to impose a global minimum tax, sending major indices on Wall Street slightly into negative territory.