How to have a green household? Smartly with, a new guide to the world of green energy

The website is primarily decorated in black and green shades, and it is

In June 2023, a new unique website was launched on green households and sustainable energy use. The website regularly publishes the latest news from the world of green energy. Smart Energy focuses on four key topics: photovoltaic power plants, solar water heating, heat pumps and green mobility.

The website is primarily decorated in black and green shades, and it is “green energy” that makes up the majority of the news and articles on the site.

What you will find on the website

The main page of displays an overview of the latest news and articles. If you would like to view news of an older date or search for an article focused on a specific topic, you can use the top bar. As well as the search box, it displays the news and green home categories into which all published articles are grouped, with the latter category divided into five further sub-categories: reviews, photovoltaic power plants, heat pumps, solar water heating and green mobility.

Comparison of green solution providers

One of these subcategories is the section called reviews. This is a unique set of reviews of companies that are in the energy market and offer green solutions. In addition to the most well-known suppliers, you can also learn about lesser-known companies that are active in the green energy arena in this section.

Main topics or what the website can help you with

If you are already living in a green household or are just considering a switch to a greener lifestyle, you should not miss the main topics on The site already has dozens of articles covering topics in sustainability, renewables and green mobility. Advice, tips and ways to save on energy will continue to be published on You can also learn about ways to get started with renewables. Don’t miss any useful tips for your green household.


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