Bitcoin is no longer sexy? Investors fell under the spell of Etherea

The cryptocurrency market gained a new impetus after a few days of trampling on the spot. Over the past weekend, Bitcoin has strengthened, but even more so Ethereum. Ethereum has shown greater performance in recent weeks than the oldest and most popular cryptocurrency.

It’s been almost a month since Bitcoin traded on the stock exchanges for more than $ 60,000. From mid-March, its price fell to 51 thousand and since then began to rise slightly again. Although the value of Bitocin has approached the 60,000 mark several times in the last two weeks, it was not managed to break it until last weekend. On Monday, it even reached $ 61,000 for a moment.

However, in recent months, investors have begun to shift their focus to another cryptocurrency, Ethereum. While at the turn of last year and this year it could be bought for less than $ 600, today the value of Etherea is more than tripled. The Ehtereum first rose above $ 2,000 in early April, and two weeks later it has already hit $ 2,200.

The market capitalization of this cryptocurrency is almost $ 250 billion. According to some analysts, the increase in Etherea’s value is a reflection of speculation that one of the large multinational financial groups has started using cryptocurrency.


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