Bitcoin returned over $ 60,000. He was helped by a decision of the US Securities and Exchange Commission

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency

The most common cryptocurrency has experienced a real renaissance in recent weeks. While she fought to defend the $ 30,000 price line during the summer, it traded at more than double the price over the weekend.

Bitcoin rose above $ 60,000 for the first time since April this year during Friday afternoon in Central European Summer Time. Even before midnight on Friday from Saturday, it even rose to 62.5 thousand and found itself only about a thousand dollars below its historical maximum. In just one week, Bitcoin has strengthened by 14 percent and is well on its way to setting a new price record.

The first bitcoin ETF fund (ETF – Exchange-traded Fund), which will trade bitcoin futures, will probably start operating in the United States this week. The US Securities and Exchange Commission gave the green light to ProShares on Friday, which wants to launch the ETF fund.

ETFs are intended for investors who do not want to invest their money directly in specific assets, but prefer to divide their portfolio among several types of investment opportunities. And that’s exactly what the ProShares fund should be like. Analysts welcome the start of the bitcoin ETF fund, as they believe that it will make the cryptocurrency available to a wider circle of mostly mainstream investors.


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