Dow Jones above 25,000 – for the first time since March

The oldest stock exchange index on Wall Street has surpassed 25,000 for the first time since March. The growth was affected by optimism connected to progress on coronavirus vaccination development.

Dow Jones index

U.S. shares have surged since Tuesday trading. Dow Jones index has surpassed the level of 25,000 points – for the first time since sales were affected by fear of coronavirus pandemic impact. Only during Tuesday, Dow Jones added more than 2%. The index last appeared under 25,000 in the end of May 2019.

S&P 500 index has grown in more than 1% and surpassed level of 3,000. In October 2019, we saw the index under 3,000 for the last time. Shares increased mostly thanks to optimism connected to possible progress on SARS-CoV-2 vaccine development. Pharmaceutical company Novavax announced it had begun with human trials with potential Covid-19 vaccine in Australia. It‘s the first phase of the trial testing and results should be known in July. Merck, another pharmaceutical company, has announced early launch of its testing, too. The pharma giant has two vaccine candidates.


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