The coronavirus pandemic has created the strongest demand for computers in ten years

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The coronavirus crisis has accelerated the digitization process. Many people have been forced to look for a way to start working remotely.Demand not only in the United States for information and communication technology is the highest in ten years.

This follows from several analyzes of American consulting companies. According to various estimates, the demand for computers in the second quarter alone increased by about fourteen percent. This is the largest year-on-year growth since 2010. Imports of computers to the United States from overseas grew at a slightly slower pace.

Demand goes across virtually all types of computers. People are buying more classic desktops and laptops to a greater extent. However, the growth in demand for notebooks is, of course, significantly greater. In the United States, it was almost thirty percent year on year.

In some cases, the situation is even such that manufacturers are not able to supply computers and other similar devices to the market.According to many of them, strong demand will continue next year, given the current epidemiological situation. Thus, in addition to demand, the price of computer technology can be expected to rise.


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