Wall Street fell sharply on Monday. Because of fears for the future

US stocks started a new trading week with a decline. The main indices of the New York Stock Exchange weakened by 1.6 percent. Markets have pushed down concerns about the adoption of the fiscal package and the growing number of new cases of coronavirus infections.

The United States, Russia and France reported record daily increases in new coronavirus infections. The number of Americans hospitalized with Covid-19 climbed to a two-month high. Concerns about accelerating the spread of the coronavirus disease and continuing failure to push the fiscal package to stimulate the US economy have led investors to sell more shares on Wall Street.

Shares of tourism-related companies recorded the largest declines. The overall index of airline titles weakened by 5.6 percent. Among stocks listed in the S&P 500 index, Royal Caribbean Cruises weakened the most, losing 9.65 percent.

The energy stock index lost more than three percent, which was also affected by a 3.7 percent drop in the price of oil. The prices of titles associated with the economic cycle, ie especially the financial sector and the manufacturing industry, also went downwards.


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