Trump’s COVID-19 disease will increase market volatility, experts say


When it became clear at the end of the week that Donald Trump and his wife Melania were positive for the coronavirus, stock markets reacted with a decline. However, on Friday they wiped out most of the losses, and markets in Europe even strengthened slightly.

Now, according to experts, it will depend on how the Covid-19 disease will affect the US president. According to reports from Trump’s doctors and the president himself, the patient’s condition improved over the weekend. However, given Donald Trump’s age, this does not necessarily mean that he has the worst behind him.

So markets can be expected to react as Donald Trump recovers and opinion polls, according to opinion polls. However, according to experts contacted by the portal, this will mean an increase in uncertainty and increased volatility in any case, when stock prices may develop as if on a swing.

However, several surveys among investors have shown that it is not very important for the markets who will eventually sit in the oval office. It is especially important that the decision on the new tenant of the White House is made as soon as possible after the elections and that the census does not extend beyond the usual time. Or even for the presidential election to have judicial approval.


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