Donald Trump has left the hospital and stocks are rising. Coincidence?

US President Donald Trump has moved from Walter Reed Medical Center Hospital to home treatment from Covid-19 disease. Stocks were rising on Monday, but no one knows exactly what the real momentum was.

During Monday’s session at the New York Stock Exchange, the difference between correlation and causality could be observed. By all accounts, Donald Trump’s dismissal from the hospital and the rise of major stock indexes somehow correlated together. Whether the latter was a consequence of the former, however, are uncertain by analysts. Indeed, there is speculation that the real cause was news of Joe Biden increasing his lead in the polls ahead of Donald Trump.

Investors may have begun to see this as a promise that if Biden actually walked into the White House through the main entrance, he would succeed in pushing through a fiscal package to boost the U.S. economy. That fall, sooner or later, American firms whose shares could continue to strengthen undisturbed would also feel this.

But Donald Trump may not yet be out of the worst outside, according to doctors. While there was an improvement over the weekend, complications may yet arise. The US president also has twenty-four-hour supervision in home care. Should his health deteriorate, the stock likely would react to that with a decline, much like after Trump announced to the world that he was covid positive.


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