Stocks will fly high within a year, New York financial analyst says

According to Michael Brush, a financial analyst focusing on stock markets, American stocks will rise into values we have never seen before.

Stocks will fly high within a year, New York financial analyst says

A strong bullish market sentiment will be triggered by two key factors. The first factor is a surprise on the progress of coronavirus vaccine, which Brush believes to be announced by any large pharmaceutical company until the end of this year. The vaccine may not be perfect yet, but it’s likely to save the most vulnerable part of population, and therefore people could return to work in the beginning of next year. 

A second factor is connected to the vaccine, and it’s recovery of the American economy, which will be followed by global economic recovery. Everything will be supported by the currently extremely eased monetary policy by the Federal Reserve and Trump’s fiscal policy. Volume of money in the financial system will further grow, and large amounts of money could lead to investing into stocks or any other assets representing higher risk value. 

As such, stocks will rise even higher than they currently are. However, Michael Brush warns that even then investors should not forget to diversify their portfolios as risks are still extremely high. 


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