The European Commission will not decide on the core as a clean resource until next year

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Nor will it be clear before the end of this year whether nuclear resources and natural gas will be recognised as so-called clean resources in the European Union. But including them among them is key to the 27th’s ability to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

“We will very likely discuss this and then we will pass it for approval,” Virginijus Sinkevicius, the Euro Commissioner for the Environment, said at a press briefing. If core and natural gas get into the so-called clean-resource taxonomy, those resources will be able to be supported by public funds.

For some European Union member countries (such as France or the Czech Republic), it is a key issue especially with regard to nuclear power. “We will start the process by which we propose to change taxonomy before the end of the year,” a European Commission spokesman specified earlier this week.

Initially, the Commission had planned to include core and gas in the net resource taxonomy this year, but it encountered dissent from some member countries. Once these sources are part of a taxonomy, only most EU Member States or a majority of Members in the European Parliament can avert their inclusion.


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