Unrest in Washington has swerved the dollar, gold and Bitcoin

USA, flag

Wednesday’s violent unrest during a US Congress meeting to confirm the results of the presidential election also affected the economy. The dollar erased all previous gains, gold weakened, Bitcoin shot to new records.

The U.S. dollar’s exchange rate was swinging on Wednesday. Initially, it bounced back to stronger levels from its two-year lows against the euro. He reacted positively to the development of the Senate elections. But in the afternoon, he began to erase the gains. That’s when protesters marched into the Capitol building who didn’t want to accept that Joe Biden would replace Donald Trump in office.

The weakening of the dollar also went hand in hand with the weakening of gold and the strengthening of Bitcoin. While the yellow metal wrote off about 1.7 percent, Bitcoin bounced back to further record levels. For the first time in history, he crossed the $36,000 mark. Investors made gains on it before the riots erupted. Bitcoin thus increased by about $2.5 thousand in just a few hours and briefly came within sight of 37,000. After the situation in Washington began to calm down, Bitcoin weakened slightly.


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