Bitcoin strengthens significantly. It has solidified by more than a fifth in the past five days

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The most widespread cryptocurrency is experiencing a massive rally. While until less than a month ago he was fighting for the $30k threshold, it is now trading 15k above.

Bitcoin was already on a growth trajectory before last weekend, when it humbled the $40k level and strengthened in the next few days. On the night of Monday to Tuesday, it traded at more than $45k, 21 percent more than less than a week ago. According to analysts, the next important meth will be the 50,000-pound border on which Bitcoin will test its resilience.

Bitcoin was helped, among other things, by finding a compromise in the U.S. Congress concerning a contentious tax provision in the infrastructure bill. It was about the definition of broker. According to the original proposal, anyone who has anything to do with cryptocurrencies even remotely could be considered a broker in the case of cryptocurrencies. Alongside miners, hardware manufacturers and developers of software used for mining would fit into the definition. American lawmakers eventually succeeded in instantiating and narrowing that definition significantly.

Alongside Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies are also strengthening. Ethereum bounced back above the $3,000 mark, where it traded last less than three months ago.


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