The Best Customer Service Award – Global Brokers

The financial website FOREXMAG announces a new poll called "The broker with the best customer services", which will be evaluated on people voting. Brokers’ customer service will be evaluated according to seven categories that affect the quality of customer care. According to your votes, we will announce the top 10 best brokers.


Before you vote, think about which broker best meets the following categories which will be evaluated:


Category Description
1.       Local language support


Does the broker offer the possibility to switch websites to other languages?
2.       Easy to navigate


How understandable is the structure of the website for you and are you able to find everything you need on it? Are there any categories you are missing on the website?


3.       Responsive web design for mobile devices


Is the broker’s website displayed correctly on mobile devices?
4.       Availability of the Education section


Is there also an Education section (webinars, tutorials, FAQ, conferences, newsletters) on the website, and if so, do you think it is comprehensive enough?


5.       Livechat Does the website include livechat? Is customer service helpful for you in this form and can it solve your problems, doubts, or questions?


6.       Local language support


Is it easy for you to find the company’s address and phone number on the website? Does the broker offer local language support?


7.       Possibility to open a demo account for practice


Does the broker offer the possibility to easily open a demo account?



We have selected for you some of the most frequently used brokers, from which you can choose your favorite one. What is your experience with following brokers in connection with the offered customer service based on categories above? Let us know which broker offers the best customer service and vote in our survey below.

Best Brokerage Customer Services Global:

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