EU moves towards more sustainable aviation fuel

EU moves towards sustainable aviation fuel

The European Parliament approves rules for the gradual replacement of kerosene with less polluting aviation fuel. At the same time, the definition of green fuel has been changed.

MEPs tighten rules proposed by the European Commission

From 2025, aviation petrol suppliers will be required to blend at least two per cent sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) into their fuel. By the middle of this century, the share of SAF in kerosene is expected to increase to 85 percent. Members of the European Parliament approved a much more ambitious target than the one originally proposed by the European Commission, which envisaged a 63% share.

What exactly does green fuel mean?

Sustainable aviation fuel will be considered to be made from recycled waste, hydrogen or renewable sources. The European Parliament has also included so-called synthetic fuels, which are created by recycling carbon, as well as fuels made from gases produced by processing fallout or animal fat.

The rules for blending greener fuels into kerosene will now go to individual EU Member States for discussion and possible approval, and to the European Commission for consideration.


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