Luxembourg at the top of the list of the most developed countries of the European Union

Luxembourg's economic level was 277 percent of the European Union average last year.

Luxembourg’s economic level was 277 percent of the European Union average last year. By contrast, gross domestic product per capita, adjusted for purchasing power parity, was the lowest in Bulgaria. This is according to current Eurostat data.

Luxembourg is the most economically advanced member of the European Union. Luxembourg’s economic level is about five times higher than that of the poorest member, Bulgaria. Its GDP per capita by purchasing power parity is only 55 percent of the EU average.

What does the ranking look like next?

Above the average of the European twenty-seven, Ireland stands out in the second, with an economic level of 221 percent of the EU average. Denmark is third by a large margin (133 percent). At the other end of the scale, in addition to Bulgaria, we find Greece (65 percent) and Slovakia (68 percent).

Success of the Czech Republic

A total of ten EU countries can boast an above-average economic level, which is closed by France with 104 percent of the EU average. Of the post-socialist countries, the Czech Republic is the best, with a GDP of 92 percent of the EU average in terms of purchasing power parity. It even left behind three of the old EU member states, namely Spain, Portugal and Greece.


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