Bitcoin may be a more profitable investment than gold, says US billionaire

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If gold does well, Bitcoin will probably do even better. US billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller changed his mind on Bitcoin, saying it had good potential to preserve value for future generations.

Druckenmiller admitted in an interview with US television station CNBC that he previously had a much larger portion of his investment portfolio placed just in gold than in cryptocurrencies. However, he said he bought “at least some Bitcoin” some time ago, but he did not specify how large a number. Bitcoin can become an asset that will be very appealing because it can store value well for the future,” Druckenmiller added.

According to him, he has an attraction for both millennials and the old investor school. “With time progressing, Bitcoin is gaining more and more stability and the name of a good brand,” the billionaire and investor said. Although he is positioning himself affirmatively to Bitcoin, he is still said to own huge amounts of gold. ‘If gold does well, Bitcoin will probably do much better. It’s stockier and much more liquid and also has more supporters,” added the billionaire.


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