German carmakers are betting on hydrogen. Charging cars from the socket is just a predecessor, they say

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Plug-in electric cars are just a harbinger of technology that can completely change the structure of the global economy. The big German carmakers warn us not to forget about hydrogen.

German car giants, including BMW, Volkswagen and Audi, are betting on the development of hydrogen technology. They are convinced that electromobility in its current form is only a stepping stone to the next stage of electric vehicles. This is precisely the use of hydrogen fuel cells, which produce the necessary electrical energy to drive the car directly in the car.

Automakers anticipate that it is only a matter of time before conditions are created that will be much more favorable for the development of hydrogen technology than is currently the case. BMW is one of the largest hydrogen pioneers among German car manufacturers. The Munich carmaker would like to start supplying hydrogen cars to the market on a massive scale by 2030.

BMW is closely monitoring national hydrogen policies, not only in Europe but especially in China, the world’s largest car market. “If politicians or the market direct demand for hydrogen vehicles, we will be ready,” BMW Vice President Jürgen Guldner told Reuters.


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