Indian stocks were the drag of exchanges in the region. China and Hong Kong weakened in midweek

India, coal supplies

Shares on the Mumbai stock exchange added 0.19 percent in midweek. Automakers and telecoms particularly thrived. Chinese and Hong Kong stocks, on the other hand, have seen a fairly strong slump.

Indian stocks have been helped by news of government support under consideration to the auto sector as well as downstream industries. Although the Bombay Stock Exchange’s aggregate index added just 0.19 percent, the auto segment strengthened by nearly half a percent.

Telecoms titles, led by India’s Vodafone (added three per cent), were also solidifying. Shares of rival operator Bharti Airtel then rose 1.4 percent. Shares of mining companies or entertainment industry titles have also boosted.

The Shanghai stock exchange, on the other hand, fell midweek. Aggregate index up 0.2, main CSI300 up 1 percent. Investors responded to weak data from industry and retail. And also analysts” expectations suggest that the slow recovery in both sectors will shrug off.

Hong Kong stocks have been pushed down in particular by tech titles and companies doing business in gambling. The Hang Seng index plunged a significant 1.8 percent, the technology subindex lost even 3.1 percent.


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