July will be an unimproved month for US stocks this year, believe investors

Stock exchanges have had one of the worst first halves in several decades. But there was a sharp turn in early July, which seems likely to continue until at least the end of this month.


Major indexes firmed significantly

The US stock exchange’s major indices have firmed quite significantly in the course of July so far. The Dow Jones scored nearly four percent, the S&P 500 nearly five percent and the tech Nasdaq improved nearly seven percent. If the up-trend holds until the end of July, it will be the best month for US stocks since November 2020.

Important will be financial results of large companies

However, the publication of the half-year financial results of tech giants including Alphabet, Microsoft, Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) may still talk through the July balance sheet. Apple or Amazon. Markets expect those firms to stand up.

Also at play is the monetary policy meeting of the US central bank, which is due to end on Wednesday with the announcement of a decision to change interest rates. If the Fed raises rates as investors expect, that will be good news for stocks. But if he tightens his policy unexpectedly more, stocks may head south.


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