Uniper plans to shut down German coal power plants in 5 years

Energy company Uniper based in Düsseldorf plans to close down almost half of its European capacity

Uniper announced its plans in reaction to decision of the German cabinet to quit using coal as energy commodity by 2038. With this decision the German government aims to meet climate goals till first half of 21st century. Uniper, originally part of E.ON until 2016, intends to shut down first power stations till 2022. First plants to be closed down are Scholven plant and Wilhelmshaven power station with 1.5 gigawatts capacity.

The remaining power plants in Staudinger and Heyden with installed capacity of 1.4 gigawatts should stop working in 2025. “We’re deciding on Uniper future. Actions that we will undertake will include steps focused on security to our employees,” CEO Andreas Schierenbeck said to Reuters.

Uniper power plants produced almost 60 million metric tons of carbon emissions per year. Shutting down power plants will definitely help the climate, yet for example RWE emissions are almost double its volume. On the other hand, Uniper could receive 365 million euros as compensation by the government.


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