The automotive industry is struggling with a shortage of chips. Some manufacturers are closing factories

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The world suffers from a shortage of microchips, which are not only part of computers or mobile phones, but also a key component in modern cars. Some manufacturers are suspending production in their factories due to the situation.

The most recent response to the lack of chips was the American carmaker Ford, which is about to stop production at five of its plants in the United States and one plant in Turkey. Ford has not yet announced how many vehicles will not be delivered to the market due to a lack of chips, but analysts expect that the unfortunate situation will be reflected in the financial results for the first quarter of this year.

According to Reuters, Ford estimated in March that stuck supplies of microchips would cost the carmaker $ 1 to 2.5 billion. The vehicle manufacturer adjusts its production program so that the production of the most profitable models, led by its F-150 pickup, suffers as little as possible.

However, the situation also has a negative impact on other car manufacturers and their production plants in various countries around the world. Problems such as giants such as Japan’s Honda, Germany’s Volkswagen or another American carmaker, General Motors, are facing problems. Computer chip maker Intel rushed to the rescue, offering to supply part of its production to automakers.


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