The world economy will surpass $ 100 trillion for the first time next year

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The performance of the global economy will grow in 2022. Despite the relatively fast growth of China, the United States of America defends its position as the world’s most economically strong country. India will overtake France and a year later Great Britain.

Next year, the world’s gross domestic product will exceed $ 100 trillion for the first time in history. This follows from an analytical report by the British consulting company Cebr, to which Reuters refers. The United States will remain the world’s strongest economy in 2022, ahead of China. The most populous country on the planet should not gain its economic leadership until 2030.

However, the ranking of the economic ladder will change next year. India will return to sixth place when it skips France. In 2023, the second most populous country in the world could economically get ahead of Great Britain.

“An important question next year will be how individual economies will cope with high inflation, which has reached 6.8 percent in the US, for example,” Cebr Vice President Douglas McWilliams told Reuters. According to him, the world economy is in danger of going into recession in 2023 and 2024 if inflationary pressures cannot be brought under control.


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