UK‘s oldest crypto exchange to delist Ethereum

Bitcoin is a king

UK’s longest-running crypto exchange Coinfloor will enlist ethereum from its trading and will focus on bitcoin. The reason is too high technical demand of ethereum support.

Coinfloor will delist bitcoin cash founded two years ago as a result of bitcoin fission. Staring 3rd January 2020, the longest-running cryptocurrency exchange will support only bitcoin trading which will happen exactly on eleventh anniversary of bitcoin trading. Coinfloor decided to do so due to technically demanding ethereum support which means that cryptocurrency trading is costly for smaller companies. Especially when ethereum only occupies a small part of trading.

Coinfloor, London-based bitcoin exchange was founded in 2013. It’s the longest-running cryptocurrency exchange of its kind in the UK, yet also the smallest. Its 24-hour volume of trading reaches just $450,000. A different UK’s bitcoin exchange Coinbase Pro trades digital currencies in three times larger volume.


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