US Senate passes bill to avert budget crisis

The U.S. Senate has passed a short-term government funding bill that will ensure the full operation of federal agencies beyond Friday’s end of the current budget shutdown.

Approval of the proposal

“No drama, no delay, no government shutdown,” said Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer before the vote. Senators ultimately approved the bill by a vote of 87 to 11.

The spending package maintains government funding at current levels for the next two months or so and will need to negotiate its long-term funding, the AP noted.


The plan, which was floated by Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson, extends funding to some parts of the government until Jan. 19 and to others until Feb. 2. In doing so, it preserves budget rules approved last year when Democrats had the upper hand in both houses of Congress.

The White House last week branded Johnson’s proposal unserious but did not threaten to veto it if approved by Congress.

The bill does not include the White House’s request for military aid to Israel and Ukraine or funding for humanitarian aid to the Palestinians, the AP noted. It said lawmakers are likely to focus more of their attention after the Thanksgiving holiday on negotiating a deal on those demands.

Source Czech Press Office


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