Barclay Stone Broker review – Is it safe?


When it comes to investing your hard-earned money, choosing a safe and reliable broker is paramount. Unfortunately, Barclay Stone Ltd raises significant red flags due to its lack of regulation by a reputable financial authority.

Financial regulators play a crucial role in protecting investors. They establish strict rules and guidelines that brokers must follow. This ensures transparency, fair dealing, and minimizes the risk of fraud. When a broker operates outside these regulations, it creates a dangerous environment for your investment.

Risks of Unregulated Brokers

Here’s a glimpse into the potential dangers you face with an unregulated broker like Barclay Stone Ltd:

  • Unsecured Funds: Regulated brokers are required to hold client funds in segregated accounts, separate from their own company funds. This protects your money in case of the broker’s bankruptcy. Unregulated brokers may not offer this safeguard, putting your investment at significant risk.
  • Manipulation: Without regulatory oversight, a broker could potentially manipulate prices or engage in deceptive trading practices to your detriment.
  • Difficulty Recovering Losses: Resolving disputes with an unregulated broker can be a complex and frustrating process. Regulatory bodies provide dispute resolution mechanisms to help investors recover their funds in case of misconduct.

Choosing a Safe Broker

Instead of risking your money with Barclay Stone Ltd, consider opening an account with a broker that is overseen by a top-tier financial authority. Look for a broker regulated by established bodies like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US, or the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

These regulators have a proven track record of protecting investors and ensuring fair market practices. By choosing a well-regulated broker, you gain peace of mind knowing your investment is safe and secure.

Remember: Don’t gamble with your financial future. Do your research and choose a reputable, regulated broker for a secure and successful trading experience.

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Barclay Stone regulation

Barclay Stone is not regulated by any major financial authority. This means that there is no government agency responsible for overseeing the company’s activities and ensuring they comply with financial regulations. This lack of regulation raises concerns about the safety of your funds and the fairness of their trading practices.

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Barclay Stone’s regulation

  • Not regulated by any major financial authority: This means there’s no government oversight of their activities.
  • Added to the Financial Commission’s Warning List in July 2021: The Financial Commission, an independent dispute resolution body, raised concerns about Barclay Stone’s business practices and received complaints from traders.
  • Negative online reviews: Some online reviewers have accused Barclay Stone of being a scam, alleging difficulty withdrawing money and unfair trading practices.

Due to the lack of regulation and the negative reviews, it’s generally not recommended to use Barclay Stone as a broker. It’s important to choose a broker that is regulated by a reputable financial authority, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US, or the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in Australia. These regulators have strict rules in place to protect investors and ensure fair trading practices.

Here are some resources where you can learn more about forex and CFD broker regulations:

Trading Platforms

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  • Trader
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Barclay Stone Accounts

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  • Gold
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Conclusion – Barclay Stone review

Here are some of the red flags associated with Barclay Stone:

  • They are not regulated by a top-tier regulator. This means that there is no oversight of their activities and that they are not required to meet strict financial standards.
  • They have been added to the Financial Commission’s Warning List. This means that the Financial Commission has received complaints about Barclay Stone and that they are concerned about their activities.
  • There are a number of negative reviews of Barclay Stone online. These reviews allege that Barclay Stone is a scam and that they have difficulty withdrawing their money.

If you are considering trading with Barclay Stone, it is important to be aware of these red flags. It is also important to do your own research before making any investment decisions.

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Barclay Stone – Overall Rating



  1. Siavash Nakhjavanpour

    Barclay Stone are scammers. They have taken my money in feb 2022 and by the time the war of Ukrain started, thwy closed their site for a month and then after 100s of times trying to contact them, they called from unknown no. Asked me to invest another 20kusd in order to save my money… they took all I had and I lost over 16000+usd ehich was suppose to give me 25% profit on the share that they asked me to buy by contract. Thwy are thief. They live in Baku and say they are uk company. They do not exist in any physical adress.

  2. תזהרו מלסחור עם ברקלי סטון הם רמאים וגנבים.
    הם יתייחסו אלכם יפה ובשלב מסויים יתחילו ללחוץ להשקיע יותר והכל במתק שפתיים וכשתרצואת כספכם. אז הם ישנו את היחס והכסף יעלם.

    Beware of trading with Berkley Stone they are scammers and thieves.
    They will treat you well and at some point they will start pressuring you to invest more, all in lip service and when you want your money. Then they will change the ratio and the money will disappear.

  3. Остерегайтесь торговать с Berkley Stone, они мошенники и воры.
    Они будут относиться к вам хорошо, и в какой-то момент они начнут давить на вас, чтобы вы инвестировали больше, все на словах и когда вы хотите получить свои деньги. Тогда они изменят соотношение и деньги исчезнут.

  4. Please be aware of scamming porous of them , they provoke you to pay the minimum amount of money, then within e few sessions they call you and guide you to open some positions and show you great results, afterwards they talk to you about your experiences of trading something like; how much would you like to earn money and persuade you to pay more money to increase your balance to reach higher profits. Some times they introduce you a business plan for some special positions like this ????????????

    – 1.25 lot / margin usage: 2776 / recommended balance: 5552 / equity swaps compensation: 14,1%
    – 1.8 lot / margin usage: 3998 / recommended balance: 7996 / equity swaps compensation: 16,3%
    – 2.4 lot / margin usage: 5331 / recommended balance: 10662 / equity swaps compensation: 19,2%

    open 21st of October
    close 4th of November
    The results will be more than the one’s written above in a way that in no way can you imagine
    So finally…after a while you realize that if they find that you have no desire to increase your capital, they don’t care you and your request.
    Additionally the platform they work is completely under control of them.

    Sometimes there will be a few problems in their website, of you complain about that they will reply you; this is due to your internet issues, here every thing is okay… down with them

    Open your eyes wisely, when you face them, don’t talk to them, if so you be trapped finally.

  5. All the octogenarians of happy people and all the graphs of success is one big bullshit – don’t get into it.
    When your account is deleted, their analysts tell you that it happens and you download them statistics……
    An unreliable company, in the beginning there may be a small profit, but later on they only require you to add money until your account is deleted – do not come close to repeating this, you will remain without money

  6. קושניר יעקוב

    חברה לא אמינה ,בהתחלה אולי ישנו רווח קטן אך בהמשך דורשים ממך רק להוסיף כסף עד שחשבונך נמחק -אל תתקרבו לחזרה זאות תשארו בלי כסף

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