American and European shares decreased. Trump is to blame

American and European stocks directed to south after Trump alleviated euphoria around the possible end to US-China trade disputes

All the main indexes of American stock exchanges decreased during Thursday trading. Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq lost between 1 to 2 tenths of percent. That is because markets reacted to Trump’s words which destroyed all the optimistic expectations in negotiations between the US and China on trade war end. “I did not say I agreed with removing taxes from Chinese goods,“ were the words of the first man of the US.

The world appeared in a repeated uncertainty due to the US-Chine trade disputes, which can also affect Europe. That may happen even though China’s Ministry of Commerce indicated that the deal on gradual tax decrease is to be arranged.

American shares keep decreasing and the decrease is present in all the main stocks in Europe. Stoxx Europe 600 and German DAX wrote off almost 4 tenths of percent and London index FTSE decreased in 8 tenths of percent. We can expect that similar situation will appear in Asian markets, too.


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