Number of crypto exchanges rise in Japan despite pandemic

The total amount of crypto exchanges in Japan grew to 23

The newest crypto exchange was approved in late March.

Japan crypto traders seem to benefit from coronavirus pandemic. The number more than doubled in last 3 years, while the latest cryptocurrency exchange was approved on 30th March.

The latest registered exchange is named Okcoin Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of Ok Group, founded in September 2017. The Tokyo-based exchange has been approved to trade with major crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. According to the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA), analogy to the Securities Commission, the crypto exchange should launch in upcoming weeks. Customers can currently pre-register and create their accounts.

Okcoin Japan is part of Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA), officially licensed by the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA). JVCEA itself regulates cryptocurrency trading platforms. Okcoin Japan and other 22 exchanges dispose with the highest quality and reliability rating. As popularity of crypto exchanges has been growing in Japan during the coronavirus pandemic, some more exchanges might be approved.


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