Donald Trump will eliminate tariffs on imports of aluminum from Canada. But he can return them

US President Donald Trump has said he intends to eliminate import tariffs on aluminum from the United States to Canada. Whether the aluminum trade will remain free, but not at all certain.

Donald Trump added that he would easily reintroduce import duties on Canadian aluminum. This is in the event of a massive increase in imports of aluminum to the United States from their northern neighbor. Trump’s statement on the abolition of import duties on Canadian aluminum came after an agreement was signed last month between the United States and Canada on an exemption from import duties imposed in the interest of American national security.

The US Department of Commerce expects that Canada will supply only about 70 to 83 thousand tons of aluminum per month to the United States market by the end of this year. That’s about half the monthly average between January and July this year. Therefore, should the actual volume of imports deviate from this range, it is possible that Donald Trump will seek to reintroduce duties on Canadian aluminum. The current US president first exempted Canada’s import duties on aluminum last year but reintroduced them a few months later as aluminum imports rose sharply.


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