The Coinbase platform offers Americans a credit card loaded with cryptocurrencies

Coinbase, a platform for digital currencies, will offer US customers a credit card to pay for cryptocurrencies. The card will be available to residents of all US states except Hawaii.

If customers pay with this credit card, they can get back four percent of each purchase in Stellar or one percent in Bitcoins. The Coinbase credit card has been active in the UK and European Union since last April. The planned launch on the US market may thus be to some extent a thorn in the side of PayPal. With the Coinbase credit card “covered” with cryptocurrencies, it will be possible to pay at up to 26 million merchants in the USA.

Users will be able to manage their credit card balances directly through their Coinbase card account. It will also be possible to pay with cryptocurrencies using debit cards. According to Coinbase, this is a response to customer demand, where “increased activity is observed”. Coinbase has the ambition to become mainstream in expanding the range of payment options to include cryptocurrencies.


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