Asian stocks strengthened strongly in the middle of the week. Riding a wave of optimism

southeast asia

China, Hong Kong, and Tokyo all recorded solid gains in major stock indices in Wednesday trading. To some extent, this is a correction of previous downturns, but there is also optimism in anticipation of future economic developments.

Shares on the Shanghai Stock Exchange firmed on Wednesday for the most in three weeks. The main index added two percent. Bank titles and shares of commodity trading companies were the main drags on the stock market. In both cases, investors’ positive expectations of economic developments in the coming months were reflected.

Hong Kong stock also took a ride on this wave. The Hang Seng index firmed 2.7 percent, as did an index involving Chinese companies. Hong Kong also responded to the expected improvement in the mood in manufacturing and services, according to analysts. The purchasing managers’ index is expected to rise in March.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange also added to the growth. The Nikkei index firmed by half a percent on Wednesday, and cyclical titles dragged the stock market higher. But tokyo’s stock market growth was milder because of concerns about the fragility of the current situation in the global economy.


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