Mergers and acquisitions in Asia’s technology sector are at record levels

Technology companies in Asia seem to be preparing for better times. M&A volumes in the region were at record levels last year in the industry. According to experts, this is a sign of restructuring the economy and finding a new way of functioning the economy.

Mergers and acquisitions in the technology sector reached more than $136 billion last year. This is twice as much as in 2019. This is based on Dealogic data. Technology mergers and acquisitions accounted for 28 percent of all mergers and acquisitions in the Asia-Pacific. That’s the highest share in a decade.

According to analysts, this is the result of technological change and a changing way in which the economies of countries in the region will function. It is also one of the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic, where consumers have in many ways become accustomed to ordering or directly consuming a lot of goods via the Internet.

Managers of technology firms in Asia are confident that this transformation will continue, because people have become accustomed to the new standard, and only part of it will want to get back on track. The volume of M&A in technology is estimated to increase further in the coming months.


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