Audi to dismiss 9,500 employees to fund electric car push

The German premier brand from Volkswagen Group will be cutting jobs in next 5 years

Almost 10 % jobs should be cut due to electric cars funding.

Audi hopes to save up to €6 billion with this step. The company intends to make more money available for electric vehicles, digitization and robotization. Interestingly though, the company aims to create 2,000 jobs in the upcoming years. “We have reached a milestone. The jobs of our core workforce will remain,“ said Chairman of the Supervisory Board Peter Mosch.

The net loss of employees will be around 7,500. While car production with conventional engines will decline, the upcoming electric car production will grow. The company will invest more money to reconstruction and building capacities for electric cars production. Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm plants have already been electrified, others are still waiting. The competitor Daimler, where Mercedes-Benz belongs already stated that about 1,000 employees will be dismissed due to savings and switch to electric cars.



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