5 commodities to invest in 2021


Where to invest free money in 2021? The ideal solution is to use several investment options. In this article, we will focus on commodities. Investing in commodities can be risky, but at the same time it will effectively diversify the risk and reduce portfolio volatility. What commodities are worth investing in 2021?


Gold prices climbed to record highs last year. The main reasons are concerns related to the current situation and fear of inflation. Interest in gold began to grow during the beginning of the pandemic last spring, when the price of this precious metal quadrupled. The price of gold climbed to an all-time high in August last year, when its value reached $ 2,067 per troy ounce (31.3 grams). Gold strengthened by more than 20 percent last year, and experts predict stable growth in investment in this commodity in 2021. Consumption of gold could also increase due to the economic recovery in China.


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